intensive care at home – intensive care out of hospital

Kompetent, verlässlich & persönlich

Wir, HELP Intensivpflege, haben uns spezialisiert auf die qualitativ hochwertige Pflege intensiv- und beatmungspflichtiger Menschen in ihrer häuslichen Umgebung.

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What we do

We support people in their daily lives, be it inclusion in a normal life, the accompaniment and support of everyday life, the accompaniment to walks, excursions or vacations, the achievement of long-term goals, or even the care and palliative care of adults with intensive care. We want to enable our clients a normal and self-determined life and promote this.

Why Help Intensive Care?

Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality of life in their home environment. Intensive care does not only mean the best and competent nursing care. For us, it is particularly the mental support that defines a high quality care – to have an open ear and just to be there for people in need.

Professional Care

We attach great importance to a regular exchange between nurses, clients and executives. In doing so, we can ensure a particularly good quality of care.

Individual Counseling

A personal conversation as well as responding to individual needs is particularly important to us, so that our clients can lead a self-determined life.

Top ausgebildete & engagierte Krankenpflegekräfte

Our nurses have many years of experience in health, medical and intensive care. Our standard is highest quality without compromise.

Nursing care around the clock

Our nurses work for our patients around the clock, in cases of emergency also during the night.

Professional transfer management

It all starts with a professional transfer management. Before the takeover, a personal conversation with the client or his/her relatives takes place. Our clients enjoy an individual consultation.

High quality nursing service

Each client is cared for by nurses who are specially trained in critical care. These nurses and caretakers are specially trained to the needs of the client and enable our clients to lead a self-determined life.

Regular care visits

Through regular care visits, there is an exchange between nurses, clients and senior managers. This procedure guarantees a particularly good quality of care.

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Contact us for an individual counseling.